Engr Osegbowa Douglas Enoguan and Osegbowa, D.E. and Orie, U.O.   (Published 2019)

Engr Douglas Enoguan
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Sandcrete blocks are used as load and non-load bearing walls in
the construction of buildings, and structures. The variations in the
quality and quantity of its constituent materials with the methods
of curing affect the compressive strength of sandcrete blocks.
Modelling using multiple regression approach was used to
develop a compressive strength model in terms of constituent
materials for 28 days curing age of hollow sandcrete blocks made
with St Saviour fine aggregate sourced from Benin City, Edo
State, Nigeria. The model formulated for 28 days compressive
strength using Microsoft Excel gave coefficient of determination
2) of 0.9879 for the hollow sandcrete block, indicating good
correlation. The student – t and F – distribution tests also showed
that the model was adequate for hollow sandcrete blocks
compressive strength prediction. The formulated model
eliminates trial and error of mixes, reduce cost and time of
production of hollow sandcrete blocks.

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Keywords: Sandcrete blocks, Compressive strength, Modelling Student-t test, F-distribution test
Department: Chemical Engineering
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