Dr Onyeka Festus Chukwudi and Onyeka Festus, Edozie Thompson Okeke, and Wasiu John   (Published 2020)

Dr Festus Chukwudi
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This paper studied the bending analysis of an isotropic rectangular plate for the effects of
aspect ratio, shear and deflection on the critical lateral load of the plates using the
polynomial shear deformation theory (PSDT). One of the plate is clamped at opposite edge
clamped and the other opposite edge simply supported (CSCS). The other of the plate is
simply supported at the first and fourth edge, clamped at second edge and free of support
at the third edge (SCFS). Direct variational method of analysis was adopted using strain
displacement expressions to obtain the direct governing equations for the determination of
the coefficient of deflection and shear deformation along the direction of x and y coordinate.
From the established equation, a new model for determination of the critical lateral
imposed load of the plate is developed. The study revealed that: (i) as the specified thickness
of the plate increases, the value of critical lateral imposed load increase (ii) the critical
lateral imposed load decrease as the plates span increases. Numerical comparison was
conducted to verify and demonstrate the efficiency of the present theory. The result obtained
are in good agreement with those in the literature.


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Keywords: CSCS and SCFS rectangular plate, shear deformation theory, strain-displacement expression, variation calculus, critical lateral imposed load
Department: Chemical Engineering
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