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Background: The blood of a pregnant
woman is quite unique with a lot of interesting
challenges. In non-pregnant women, certain
alterations in haematopoeitic systems call for
therapeutic interventions. In the state of
pregnancy, however, some of such changes
are regarded harmless because of reversal to
non-pregnant values after delivery. On the
other hand, management of some bloodrelated
pathologies in pregnancy puts the
healthcare provider at his/her wits end
because of the consideration of possible
effect(s) of any treatment modality on the
innocent foetus( es).
Objective: The aim of this review article is to
bring to the fore and itemize the physiological
changes in the values of some haematological
parameters and also to highlight the
perculiarity in terms of treatment of blood
diseases whenever they occur in pregnancy.
Methodology: Literature on the subject was
reviewed using manual library search. articles
in journals, conference abstracts and internet
search via publvled and google.
Results/Conclusion: It is not unusual for
Pregnant women to present with any of the
haematological disorders especially the
anaemias, coagulopathies and haematological
malignancies. The best treatment outcome is
achieved following a combined and
multidisciplinary approach by a triad of
Obstetrician, Paediatrician and
Haemato logist.

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