Prof Vaaseh Godwin Aondonhemba   (Published 2018)

Prof Godwin Aondonhemba
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This paper examines the origin of disputes between two neighboring ethnic groups in Nigeria; the Tiv of Benue State and the Udam of Cross River State and the nexus of these disputes to the establishment of the markets found in their respective geographical areas, the Tsar Market (for the Tiv) and the Obudu Market (for the Udam).The paper also examines the rationale for disputes that arise over the location of market places that are placed within the same geographical environment. The paper discusses the ambiguities that led to the establishment of the two markets, stressing why the Tsar market was first established and latter closed down before being re-established to counter the activities of the Obudu market, which was established during its closure. The paper establishes a nexus between the citing of the two markets and the sporadic hostilities that exist between the two ethnic groups that owe the markets, using the 20th Century as the study period. In addition, other factors are also identified as crucial underpins to the conflicts. The peculiarity of the conflict lies in the fact that unlike most of the ethnic conflicts in Nigeria that have political undertones, the Tiv Udam conflicts are not politically motivated. The belligerents do not fight for political appointments; neither do they support candidates during elections or fight for the creation of new political enclaves or use political thugs. Another notable feature is that ethnic conflicts in Nigeria are usually organized on a large scale necessitating the intervention of the states involved or federal government, the Tiv- Udam conflicts though persistent and devastating have never escalated to uncontrollable dimensions.

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Keywords: The Tiv- Udam Conflicts in the 20th Century: A Backlash Over the Location of Market Centers?
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Field of Study: History
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