Dr Otoikhian Kevin Shegun and Lukman Y.   (Published 2019)

Dr Kevin Shegun
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This research work show cases the potentials of Itakpe Iron concentrate for magneto-rheological abilities. The concentrate was first ball milled to reduce its size and then subjected to low magnetic strength from magnetic bits in-situ the magnetic fluid. It was determined that temperature affected the fluid inversely, as temperature increased at the shear rates from the viscometer and Newtonian viscosity calculated reduced, giving a negative relationship between temperature and Newtonian viscosity as loading remained constant. The magneto viscous property of the fluid was also checked as a magnetic field of different strength was then introduced and the viscosities of the concentration at constant loadings were measured. This gave a linear relationship (i.e increase in magnetic strength led to an increase in viscosity of the ferrofluid). Temperature was varied at 27 oC room temperature to: 30 oC, 40 oC, 50 oC, 60 oC and 70 oC with constant loadings of 10%, 15% and 20% for three different runs using from one to two magnetic bits to increase the magnetic strength. As temperature increases, viscosity reduces even for magnetic fluids. These positive signs of magneto-rheology under low magnetic influence put Itakpe Iron concentrate a candidate material for magnetic fluid potential and application in automobile shock absorbers breaks etc.

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Keywords: Itakpe iron concentrate, in-situ, magneto-rehology, magnetic bits, temperature
Department: Chemical Engineering
Field of Study: Engineering- Chemical
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