Dr Olaniyan Olugbemi Tope and MERAIYEBU A.B.1, ALELE J.Y.1, DARE J.B.2, ATSUKWEI D.1 AND ADELAIYE A.B   (Published 2019)

Dr Olugbemi Tope
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Abstract- This study investigates the various fetal presentations among women in Warri and the various predisposing factors which may have
possibly brought about these variations; the major positions considered were cephalic, breech and transverse, with the considered influencing
factors being gestational age of the fetus, maternal age, amniotic fluid volume, parity, and method of previous deliveries. A total of 105 ultrasound
fetal biometries with a total of 108 fetuses, between 15-40 weeks of gestational age, and maternal age between 19 and 40 were used
for this study. Fetal ultrasound biometry was used to find out information about the fetus including gestational age, amniotic fluid volume,
presentation of the fetus and a questionnaire was used to take information about the mother including maternal age, parity, and method of
previous delivery (ies). The result showed that a total of 82 fetuses (75.9%) were Cephalic babies, 19 (17.6%) were Breech and 7 (6.5%) are
transverse. Out of the 105 women, there were 102 (77.1% cephalic, 18.3% breech, 4.8% transverse) women with adequate amniotic fluid
volume and 1 woman (with a cephalic fetus) with average amniotic fluid volume and 2 women (with transverse foetuses) with low amniotic
fluid volume. 34 (67.6% cephalic, 26.9% breech, 5.9% tranverse) were nulliparous women. Also a total of 72 (81.9% cephalic 13.9% breech,
4.2% transverse) were multiparous women. The most foetuses were in the cephalic presentation, which supports vaginal delivery. Breech and
transverse foetuses being lesser and in the absence of abnormalities with influencing factors being favourable these foetuses will turn into
cephalic position at term.

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