Mr Akpotor Eugene Mudiaga and Dr. J.A. Afemikhe   (Published 2019)

Mr Eugene Mudiaga
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General overview of lecture: This course has two aspects: theoretical part and practical part: the theory aspect introduces the student to primary health care (PHC) as the chosen health care system to providing healthcare for all irrespective of social status, age, creed, religion, race, gender etc. the main focus will be to expose the student to the skills, and knowledge needed to work collaboratively with other health care workers in the community in order to assist individuals, families, and communities in identifying, prioritising and attending to their health needs in a responsible and sustainable manner. Therefore, the course will focus on the following: historical antecedent of PHC; PHC philosophy, concepts, and principles; health patterns in the community; organisation and scope of PHC in Nigeria; approaches to PHC (i.e. multidisciplinary and intersectoral approaches); components of PHC; and management in PHC. It will also cover the introduction to community health nursing, concepts in the community, history, components, and principles of community health nursing, basic and scientific principles and practice of community health and primary health care programmes, family and community health nursing diagnosis, through organised exposure to community health/primary health care programmes. The roles of the community health nurse, community mobilisation, types of community. School health services.
The practical aspect will cover both the laboratory and clinical practice of community health nursing. Organised exposure should take the following format:
i. A period of posting to a defined rural geographical-political community.
ii. Analysis and presentation of the data to describe community health problems, Social and health needs and draw inferences for service objectives related to specific preventive, promotive and health maintenance strategies.

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