Prof Evbogbai Edekin Jacob Mariekpen and Ogbikaya Stephen   (Published 2018)

Prof Edekin Jacob Mariekpen
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Lecture Note

Description: At the completion of the lecture, it is expected that the students should be able to:
Understand that operator j stands for ??1 and be able to simplify powers of j to ±j or ±1, understand that
complex numbers consist of (real part) + j(imaginary part), add, subtract, multiply and divide complex
number. Determine the conjugate of a complex number, know the conditions for the equality of two
complex numbers, complex numbers can be represented graphically using Argand diagram, draw and
recognized the parallelogram law of addition of complex numbers, convert complex number from
rectangular to polar form and vice versa. Write complex number in exponential form and obtain the
logarithm of a complex number.

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