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Prof Aiyesimi Monday
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Instructors:PROF. YOMI AIYESIMI, Alhassan Charity
Lectures: Thursday, 8am – 10:00 am, LT1, phone: (+2348134809593)
Description: This course is intended to give the students a thorough knowledge of
Mathematical Methods. This course covers advanced topics such asfunctions, maximum and
minimum values of a function, functions of two several Independent variables,Jacobian,
Dependent And Independent Functions, Method of Lagrange’s Multiplier, Line and Multiple
Integrals and Line Integral with respect to an Arc Length.

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with the concepts of function theory, Rolle’s
theorem, Taylor’s theorem, maximum and minimum values of a function,functions of two
several Independent variables and have strong knowledge ofJacobian, Dependent And
Independent Functions. Students should also be familiar with basic concepts of concept of
Lagrange’s Multiplier, Line and Multiple Integrals and Line Integral with respect to an Arc

Assignments: We expect to have 6 individual homework assignments throughout the course in
addition to a Mid-Term Test and a Final Exam. Home works are organized and structured as
preparation for the midterm and final exam, and are meant to be a studying material for both
exams. The goal of these projects is to have the students knowledge of mathematical methods.
Grading: We will assign 10% of this class grade to home works, 10% for class work and
attendance,10% for the mid-term test and 70% for the final exam. The Final exam is

Textbook: The recommended textbook for this class are as stated:
ISBN: 058223803x
Title: Mathematical Methods for Science Students
Author: G. Stephenson,
Publisher: Longman Group UKltd Essex cm20 2je England
Lectures: Below is a description of the contents. We may change the order to accommodate the
materials you need for the projects.

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