Lecture title: MCB 314 BIODETERIORATION (LECTURE NOTES) 2018/2019

Mrs Ehis-eriakha Bertha Chioma   (Published 2019)

Mrs Bertha Chioma
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Lecture Note

Description: biodeterioration highlights the process of chemical and physical alterations of products of economic value mostly in an undesirable/unpleasant manner by the action of microorganisms or their enzymes. The course describes the different aspects of biodeterioration from physical/mechanical, soiling and fouling, assimilatory and dissimilatory biodeterioration which covers a bewildering range of all materials that can be attacked by biodeteriogens. Also, the biodetrioration of different materials will be discussed highlighting the microorganisims involved in each case. Other topics of significance that will taught in this course include the factors that favour biodeterioration, effects of micro and macro organisms on biodeterioration and biodeterioration control

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