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Right Mindset for study of Africa

Africa for purpose of analysis in this course refers to the region south of the Sahara Desert – usually called “sub-Saharan Africa.” It is a region of great cultural and geographic diversity. But with a few exceptions, like Botswana, Mauritius, and South Africa, countries in the region share the common fate of being among the poorest in the world. In the context of the current global economy, they are marginal. Various explanations have been provided for this miserable state of affairs: colonialism, traditional values, lack of capital – human as well as financial – and so on.

In order to have a proper grasp of this course, its pertinent that certain long held notions about politics, law and their place in governance in Africa are deconstructed. For example, many Westerners, when it comes to African politics, simply see cause and effect as the same thing. Why is there a civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Why was there genocide in Rwanda? Why has the Somali state collapsed? All these questions are satisfactorily dealt with in people’s minds by the answer ‘because these countries are in Africa’: these things happen ‘naturally’ on the continent; it is an inherently unstable region. This is the central myth that this course “Politics and Law in African in Africa” and the other sister course “Introduction to African Politics” wishes to destroy.

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