Lecture title: SOCIAL CHANGE I - LN FS 2018/2019

Mr Ogette Anthony Omokhudu   (Published 2018)

Mr Anthony Omokhudu
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Lecture Note

Change is an integral part of human existence as evidence in the evolution of every human society in history going through different stages of growth and development. These growths are results of Man’s interaction with the environment in order to improve his living condition brought significant transformation to cultural norms and values which in turn alter the behavioural patterns of individuals and groups in every given human society with profound social consequences. This course is designed to explore the concept of social change by examining the changes and development of human societies, relevant theoretical perspectives, role of social movement in the change cycle as well as institutional analysis of the phenomenon of social change. It is aimed to increase students’ ability to understand individual troubles in the context of public issues thereby, preparing them to live in an increasingly changing world.

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Keywords: Social Change I
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