Dr Oke Christiantus Ifeanyi   (Published 2018)

Dr Christiantus Ifeanyi
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The study of International Relations takes a widerange of the oretical approaches. Some emerge from within the discipline itself; others have been imported, in whole or in part, from disciplines such as Economics or Sociology. Indeed, few social scientific the ories have not been applied to the study of relations amongst nations.  Many theories of International Relations are internally and externally contested, and few scholars believe only in one or another. Inspite of this diversity, several majors chools of thought are discernable, differentiated principally by the variables they emphasize. We shall start with the origins of the the oretical study of International Relations, the traditional, scientific and post behavioral schools in International Relations and then move on to the various theories, for example, Systems Theory, Functional Theory, Decision Making Theory, Simulation and Games Theories. Finally we shall get down to the application and utility of these theories.

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