Prof Usunobun Usunomena   (Published 2019)

Prof Usunomena
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General overview of lecture:
• Degradation and digestion of carbohydrate-( sugars), storage polysaccharides and cell
walls. Introduction to metabolism. Metabolism of amino acids and proteins, including the
formation of excretory products. Metabolism of lipids; fatty acids and triglyceride
degradation; lipoproteins; membranes and membrane structure (elementary introduction).
• Metabolism of carbohydrates: glycolysis, TCA cycle, pentose phosphate pathway. Cori
cycle, Calvin pathway, glycogenesis/ Glycogenolysis. Entry of fructose, galactose and
other hexoses into the glycolytic pathway. Uronic acid pathway with its biomedical
importance. Regulation of blood sugar & biochemical basis of complications of diabetes,
Metabolism of carbohydrates in fed & fasting state. Disorders of carbohydrate
metabolism. Electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation.
• Accessory food factors and trace elements: their importance in nutrition and role in

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