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Staff Name: Dr Anthony A. Kifordu

Phone: 08034074648


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Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences

Department: Business Administration

Position: Lecturer I


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Name:                                                                                KIFORDU Anyibuofu Anthony

Present Status:                                                                   Lecturer I

Date of Birth:                                                                    6th June, 1976

Place of birth:                                                                   Ibusa

State of origin:                                                                  Delta State

Nationality:                                                                       Nigeria

Sex:                                                                                    Male

Marital Status:                                                                    Married

Number and Ages of Children:                                          3(9, 7 and 5)

Contact Address:                                                                Department of Accounting and              

                                                                                           Economics, Faculty of Arts,

                                                                                            Management and Social Sciences, Edo

                                                                                            University Iyamho, Edo State

Permanent Home Address:                                                 5, James Odittah Close, Asaba, Delta


Phone Number:                                                                   08034074648


Area(s) of Research Interest                                                Human Resource Management

                                                                                             Operations Research, Strategic 

                                                                                             Management and Organizational


Date of First Appointment:                                                  9th March, 2016

Date of Last Promotion:                                                       Nil


  1. SCHOOLS ATTENDED                   QUALIFICATIONS              DATES

          UNN                                                                            Ph.D Management                     2014                                                                                                      

          University of Portharcourt                                                      PGDE                              2012                                                                 

          UNN                                                                           M.Sc Management                      2009                                                               

          DELSU, Abraka                                                          B.Sc. Business Admin    2000                                                                                       

          College of Education, Agbor                                        DCS                                          2002                                                 

          St Patricks College Asaba                                                       O/L W.A.S.C                  1993                                                                

          Ashaka Primary School,Ashaka                                             F.S.L.C                            1987  



Full Member Nigerian Economic Society (FMNES)                               2005

Associate Member Nigerian Institute of Management (AMNIM)           2005

Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)                                  2012

Association of Business Educators of Nigeria (ABEN)                           2013

Nigeria Vocational Association (NVA)                                                   2013

The Academy of Management Nigeria (TAMN)                                      2016

Member Institute of Researchers Engineers and Doctors (IRED)            2016-2019

Member European Centre for Research Training & Development UK    2017



                     Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi-Uku          -   2012 -2014

                     Job Scope                                                     - Teaching and Research

                     Position:                                                      - Part-Time Lecturer



                     Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) Asaba   -   2008-2014

                     Job Scope                                                           - Teaching and Research

                     Position:                                                    -   Part-Time Lecturer  


                    College of Education, Agbor                                 - 2012 -2016

                     Job Scope                                                       - Teaching and Research

                     Position:                                                    - Lecturer II


                    Delta State University Abraka                         - 2012- 2016

                    Job Scope                                                         - Teaching and Research

                    Position:                                                     - Part- Time Lecturer


                    Edo University Iyamho, Edo State                    - 2016-till date

                    Job Scope                                                         - Teaching and Research

                    Position:                                                     - Lecturer



          Post Graduate Courses   



          Undergraduate Courses


           Bus. 111/112: Introduction to Business I & II

           Bus. 211/212:  Principles of Management I &II

           Bus. 113:  Business Statistics I

           Bus. 311/312:  Business Finance I & II

           Mkt. 311/312: Principles of Marketing I & II

           Bus. 412: Advanced Quantitative Analysis

           Bus. 411: Business Policy

           Ent. 211: Entrepreneurship Studies I 


        Post graduate Supervision (M.Sc)

 Osademe Gloria Chinagozi(2016). The Significance of Fringe Benefits on Employee Morale and Productivity, NOUN, Asaba Study Centre.





             Acting Head Department of Accounting, Business

             Admin and Economics Edo University, Iyamho                                 2016-2017

             Chairman Technical Committee of Tenders Edo

             University, Iyamho                                                                         2016-till date

             Member Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee                               2016-till date

             Chairman Academic Brief Review Committee                              2016-till date

             Ag. Dean FAMASS                                                                        June-July 2016

             Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Development Centre and Linkages 2017 – till date






Discussant, 2016 Annual, Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Legal Seminar, Ika Zone, Agbor, Delta State.





  1. Igbe, O.F. and Kifordu, A.A. (2016) Progressive Commerce 2 for Schools and Colleges, Heritage-Plus Nig: Agbor, Delta State


Book Chapters

  1. Kifordu Nwadilor E.O and Amahi F.U. (2016) Public      Sector      Economics, A   compendium for businesses. Royal Peace Publications:    Agbor



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Conference Proceedings






  2. International Conference and Exhibition on Technical and Vocational Education (ITVC), Organized by Education Trust Fund and National Board for Business & Vocational Education, Abuja, (28th -30th March, 2008).
  3. Conference of Registrars of College of Education in Nigeria (CORECOEN): The Dynamics of Students Administration Perspective of Tertiary Institution; 7th Seminar (April 23rd -24th, 2008).
  4. Seventh International Conference on Development Studies: Third World Production Development in the Millennium Academics-Kifordu A.A. and Onuezugbe Chinedu (2012) Niger Hall, CEC, University of Nigeria Nsukka (April 16th-19th 2012) No. 163.
  5. International Conference on Research and international Development, Awka (October 29th-31st)
  6. Association of Business Educators of Nigeria (ABEN) 24th Annual National Conference, Owerri (16th -20th October, 2012).
  7. Association of Business Educators of Nigeria (ABEN) 25th Annual National Conference Edo State (22nd -29th October, 2013).
  8. 6th Bi-annual National Conference of the School of Vocational Education, College of Education Warri (12th 15th November, 2013)
  9. International Conference on Management of Engineering Accounting, Finance and other Facilities 29th Feb. – 1st March, 2013.
  10. 9th e-Learning International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training: Kampala, Uganda, May 28-30, 2014.
  11. National Conference on 100 years of Nigerian Education: The Journey so and Prospects for the Future University of Benin, 19-24th October, 2014.
  12. The Academy of Management (TAMN) National Conference: Diversity Management for National Development: Ahmadu Bello University, Zaira; 25-27th October, 2016.
  13. The 7th International Conference on Advances in Business, Economics, Social Sciences and Human Behaviour: IRED, Lebua State Towers Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, 23rd – 24th September, 2017.






  1. A.I. Ogbo

Faculty, of Business Administration

University of Nigeria,

Enugu Campus, Enugu State.


  1. V.I. Igbinedion

Faculty of Education.

Vocational & Technical Department

University of Benin

       Benin City, Edo State

  1. E.U. Tibi


Agric. Education Department,

College of Education,

Agbor, Delta State.





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